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Lakes Entrance is situated in the most strategic position of the very large South East trawl area of Australia, which stretches from the Victorian/South Australia border around to the Northern New South Wales and includes Tasmania.

The Co-operative has established itself as one of the most important voices in the Australian Fishing Industry and the largest (fleet and throughput) fishing co-operatives in Australia. Through diversification, several other organisations have been formed to provide additional revenue streams as well as providing top quality investments.

LEFCOL has a strong relationship with Leftrade Limited who has built itself on providing key business to promote & service the Industry. Through this relationship Leftrade has access to fish direct off the boats and processing taking place within the Co-Operative premisies. Off The Wharf Fish Shop is a strong advocate and promoter for Australian Seafood products. Off The Wharf is open 7 days a week, 364 days of the year (only closed Christmas Day) and is situated onsite at Bullock Island.

Through the advantages of bulk buying techniques, Leftrade Fishermen’s Gear Store stocks a large variety of store items for its members as well as other professional fishermen all around Australia. The Gearstore is one of the largest importers of Commercial Fishing Equipment in Australia. At any one time, the store stocks between $300,000 and $350,000 worth of gear and has had up to half a million dollars worth due to the many different fisheries and requirements which must be catered for. These products are also available to the general public who are welcome to come in and browse through the store and inspect items such as ropes, netting, wet weather clothing, boat maintenance equipment and recreational boating needs. The store is located at 20 Carpenter St, Lakes Entrance.

Leftrade also provides a distillate fuel supply for all vessels. Considering that fuel is one of the major overhead expenses of a fishermen’s operation, this management provides a means of competition to ensure that they pay a fair and reasonable price for their fuel. We currently dispense approximately 3 million litres of fuel per year through a computerized system which utilises tokens to allow boats to obtain fuel 24 hours of the day in Lakes Entrance. In addition to this, approximately 2 million litres is sold to members at other port locations around Australia.

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Bullock Island, Lakes Entrance
PO BOX 1125, Victoria, Australia, 3909.

Phone: +61 3 5155 1688 

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Bullock Island, Lakes Entrance
PO BOX 1125, Victoria, Australia, 3909. Need Sales?

Phone: +61 3 5155 1688
Fax: +61 3 5155 2859

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Contact the Gear Store

20 Carpenter St Lakes Entrance
PO BOX 1125, Victoria,
Australia, 3909.

Phone: (03) 5155 4344
Fax: (03) 5155 5036 

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