Off the Wharf

Fresh fish direct from the trawlers.

The iconic Fishermen’s Co-Operative’s retail fish shop has returned to its original location with a new name that reflects the commitment to supply the freshest fish that is landed from the wharfs of our fishing fleet direct to you, our customer.

Though dependant on weather the catch unloaded can consist of Tiger Flathead, Gummy, School Whiting, Duck fish, Ling, Bream, Yellow Eye Mullet, Prawns and a range of other seafood product.

The move from the centre of town (where it moved some 10 years ago ) back to the original site mimics the change in customer values. In years past customers sought convenience and ease of access. In today’s fresh food market the customer seeks product that they can be assured is Australian and also of the freshest quality.

The position of the shop also give customers an unique experience of watching the catch being unloaded, weighed and iced before heading into chillers for on-site processing or being consigned to the Melbourne and Sydney Fish markets.

PS Our loyalty and gift cards are now available also.

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Bullock Island, Lakes Entrance
PO BOX 1125, Victoria, Australia, 3909.

Phone: +61 3 5155 1688 

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Bullock Island, Lakes Entrance
PO BOX 1125, Victoria, Australia, 3909. Need Sales?

Phone: +61 3 5155 1688
Fax: +61 3 5155 2859

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20 Carpenter St Lakes Entrance
PO BOX 1125, Victoria,
Australia, 3909.

Phone: (03) 5155 4344
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