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Rope & Twine

Rope & Twine
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Lead Core Rope
Polypropylene 3- Strand Twisted Lead Core Rope. Z Twist 14 mm Medium Hard Lay 22 mm Extra Hard Lay ..
P.E. Braided Twine
Polyethylene Braided Twine. Round and Flat. Colours vary. 2 Kg Cobs. 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 4mm, 5m..
P.E. Twisted Twine
Polyethylene Multifilament Twisted Twine. Colours vary. 1 Kg Cobs, 90 Ply 2 Kg. 18 Ply(1.3m..
Polyethylene Silver Rope
Polyethylene Silver 3-Strand Twisted Rope. A great tie down, anchor or tarpulin rope. Used in app..
Polytex Twine
Polyethylene and PVC Braided Twine Green and White. 2 Kg Cobs. 3mm and 4mm TWPX23C-TWPX24C ..
Twine Nylon Braided
Nylon Braided Twine SIZES & COLOURS White 4Kg Cobs 4/16(2.0mm) and 6/16(2.5mm) 1Kg Cobs 1 and 2..
Wire Combination Rope
Wire and Polypropylene Combination Rope. Wire Core only to 18mm. Wire and Fibre Core available i..
Nylon Rope
Nylon Polyamide, 3-Strand Twisted Rope. High break strength and abrasion resistance. Very good elong..
Polypropylene Rope
Polypropylene 3-Strand Twisted Rope. A general purpose rope that resists abrasion and has a good ..

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